Membership Data

For more than forty years WID has played an important role in helping development professionals in the Greater Boston area strengthen their skills, connect with like-minded colleagues, and advance their careers. WID brings together seasoned fundraisers, mid-career professionals, and newcomers to the field through programs, professional networking, and volunteer opportunities. Our members come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds, with varied levels of expertise and experience, all of which come together to enrich the WID community.

How long have WID members been development professionals?

WID members represent a wide range of fundraising experience – they are newly out of college, transitioning careers, or have been in the fundraising community for their entire careers. Currently, 18% of WID members have five years or less of experience in development, 19% have 6-10 years, 15% have 11-15 years, 11% have 16-20 years, and 21% have more than 20 years of fundraising experience under their belts.

How many new WID members join each year?

Since its founding in 1980, each year WID welcomes a large number of new members to our community. In 2021, WID welcomed 140 new members.

What level are members in their careers?

13% of WID’s members identify as executive level, while 41% hold director level positions and 17% hold entry-level positions.

Where do WID members work?

WID members represent a wide array of nonprofit organizations, raising funds for many different causes:

  • 32% Education
  • 14% Healthcare
  • 8%   Consulting
  • 6%   Arts/Culture/History
  • 7%   Other
  • 3%   Child Welfare and Youth
  • 3%   Environment
  • 3%   Multi-Focus
  • 2%   Housing and Homelessness
  • 1%   Religion
  • 1%   Elderly

What types of fundraising do members specialize in?

WID members work across a range of development functions, typically in more than one area of expertise. The top areas include:

  • Annual Giving
  • Capital Campaign
  • Major Gifts
  • Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations
  • Management
  • Donor Relations
  • Special Events
  • Development Communications

These specialties, listed in your member profiles, help guide WID in creating a range of program topics for our monthly Lunch and Learns programs, round table discussions, and semi annual breakfasts.